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I came across this lovely word as I was working on a massive  project I’m involved in, and I googled its meaning (don’t expect me to open a dictionary for this).

“1. Dazzling style; flamboyance; flair. 2. Vigorous spirit; energy or excitement.”

Nice word. All those zzzz’s make it sound special.

Do I have pizzazzzz? I consider my present state for a moment. I’m seated like a sack of potatoes on the sofa,  legs stretched out over the coffee table, wearing a loose pair of trousers (the kind you only wear at home), a blue shirt that has seen better days,  hair clips on my head, flip-flops kicked out of view. My laptop is balancing perilously on my legs, papers and pens all around, a half empty tea-cup, used napkins. 

There’s also an annoying mosquito buzzing over my head.  So I have a few more zzzz’s to think about; those from the winged insect.

I like style and flair as much as the next girl. But some months days it just seems like pizzazz is the name of a far away planet where some Audrey-Hepburn-lookalikes live and thrive. Lately, I’ve been living on planet Work-only. My vitality levels are at 20 percent. At 21:30 I’m already yawning, but I pretend I’m fine and can do some work or chores around the house.

Bucketloads of pizzazz / On this day in LIFE Magazine — July 18, 1955: On an Italian farm with Audrey Hepburn

Bucket-loads of pizzazz / On this day in LIFE Magazine — July 18, 1955: On an Italian farm with Audrey Hepburn

Not that I’m complaining (I am, but let’s just pretend). I’m truly happy to have a job I like. But I notice that my “vigorous spirit” is waning. It’s very difficult to have pizzazz when your deadlines are looming and you’re staring at your screen all day. I just need a little change. There are few things that can bring me up: big smiles from certain people, the sea, something really funny, an amazing new song (happened to me many years back when I first heard an Amy Winehouse song), talking to a close friend (for understanding), and -yes!-shopping (I’m a terrible cliché). 

Which one of these will I pursue now? None. It’s already 22:30 and I haven’t eaten since 5 – a big issue for me who likes to nimble every hour. In cases of double-trouble like these, when my head overloads and my stomach complains, there’s also the “push-this-red-button-now-stupid!” solution – an Audrey movie.

Eventually, I come to the conclusion: get some rest (and eat the strawberries in the fridge before they go bad).


Mood fine, weather’s fine

After a relaxing Easter holiday which was followed by a very stressful week of work, I’m back – working and blogging. The weather mysteriously matched my mood, day after day (a rather self-centered thought I guess). When I went to Pelion, a mountain in central-eastern Greece known for its exquisite nature and pristine beaches, I felt quite happy – and the sun was shining bright and hot. This continued until the last day when I started packing and it hit me how much work awaited me on my desk – clouds started gathering and the temperature dropped a notch.

Sunshine and blossoms in Pelio

Sunshine and blossoms in Pelion

Back in Athens, I realized I had to cram to meet my deadlines – more clouds, and lower temperature. On Thursday and Friday, when I was too tired to even think how tired I was, it even rained a bit. I managed to fit everything in this week and now I have a few hours off to relax – I look out the window and the sun is out again, shining bright over the low-rise buildings. A mystery.

I also decided to behave like a child and not resolve another pending personal issue involving an adult. Sounds confusing? You should see what’s happening in my head. Anyway, next week will be just as stressful so I’ll try to load up my batteries during the weekend. How did we end up living for Saturday and Sunday?