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Mood fine, weather’s fine

After a relaxing Easter holiday which was followed by a very stressful week of work, I’m back – working and blogging. The weather mysteriously matched my mood, day after day (a rather self-centered thought I guess). When I went to Pelion, a mountain in central-eastern Greece known for its exquisite nature and pristine beaches, I felt quite happy – and the sun was shining bright and hot. This continued until the last day when I started packing and it hit me how much work awaited me on my desk – clouds started gathering and the temperature dropped a notch.

Sunshine and blossoms in Pelio

Sunshine and blossoms in Pelion

Back in Athens, I realized I had to cram to meet my deadlines – more clouds, and lower temperature. On Thursday and Friday, when I was too tired to even think how tired I was, it even rained a bit. I managed to fit everything in this week and now I have a few hours off to relax – I look out the window and the sun is out again, shining bright over the low-rise buildings. A mystery.

I also decided to behave like a child and not resolve another pending personal issue involving an adult. Sounds confusing? You should see what’s happening in my head. Anyway, next week will be just as stressful so I’ll try to load up my batteries during the weekend. How did we end up living for Saturday and Sunday?


I’m still looking for the Easter bunny

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday for Western Christianity. For the rest of us (Eastern Orthodox), it falls on May 5th. Fear not, I’m not about to embark on any theological rant, as I personally do not adhere to any religion.

I just have one question: Where is the Easter bunny?

As in Greece we’re supposed to follow to Orthodox Christian customs, we were never told as kids to look for eggs left by that sweet, fluffy hairball. Instead, we  dyed eggs. That was loads of fun for the first 10 minutes, then we got bored of waiting for the eggs to boil. My mum would sigh and do the rest.

Now that I know what other kids were doing further west, I feel left out. To correct this injustice, I’ve decided to spend next Easter in some western European countryside, British or otherwise. I will have my day chasing bunnies and looking for eggs (and probably be the only adult doing so).

Happy Easter for those who celebrate it!