I came across this lovely word as I was working on a massive  project I’m involved in, and I googled its meaning (don’t expect me to open a dictionary for this).

“1. Dazzling style; flamboyance; flair. 2. Vigorous spirit; energy or excitement.”

Nice word. All those zzzz’s make it sound special.

Do I have pizzazzzz? I consider my present state for a moment. I’m seated like a sack of potatoes on the sofa,  legs stretched out over the coffee table, wearing a loose pair of trousers (the kind you only wear at home), a blue shirt that has seen better days,  hair clips on my head, flip-flops kicked out of view. My laptop is balancing perilously on my legs, papers and pens all around, a half empty tea-cup, used napkins. 

There’s also an annoying mosquito buzzing over my head.  So I have a few more zzzz’s to think about; those from the winged insect.

I like style and flair as much as the next girl. But some months days it just seems like pizzazz is the name of a far away planet where some Audrey-Hepburn-lookalikes live and thrive. Lately, I’ve been living on planet Work-only. My vitality levels are at 20 percent. At 21:30 I’m already yawning, but I pretend I’m fine and can do some work or chores around the house.

Bucketloads of pizzazz / On this day in LIFE Magazine — July 18, 1955: On an Italian farm with Audrey Hepburn

Bucket-loads of pizzazz / On this day in LIFE Magazine — July 18, 1955: On an Italian farm with Audrey Hepburn

Not that I’m complaining (I am, but let’s just pretend). I’m truly happy to have a job I like. But I notice that my “vigorous spirit” is waning. It’s very difficult to have pizzazz when your deadlines are looming and you’re staring at your screen all day. I just need a little change. There are few things that can bring me up: big smiles from certain people, the sea, something really funny, an amazing new song (happened to me many years back when I first heard an Amy Winehouse song), talking to a close friend (for understanding), and -yes!-shopping (I’m a terrible cliché). 

Which one of these will I pursue now? None. It’s already 22:30 and I haven’t eaten since 5 – a big issue for me who likes to nimble every hour. In cases of double-trouble like these, when my head overloads and my stomach complains, there’s also the “push-this-red-button-now-stupid!” solution – an Audrey movie.

Eventually, I come to the conclusion: get some rest (and eat the strawberries in the fridge before they go bad).


8 responses to “Pizzazz!

  1. penelopevlassopoulou

    I am pretty sure that even Audrey didn’t always have pizzazz. Plus let us not forget that all these femmes fatales where more or less the making of the male fantasy-and male dominated industry – and I am not just trying to make us feel better :)!

    • You have a point Penelope, as usual. I can surely picture Monroe scraping floors when no one was looking!

  2. My dear D. I think this pizzazz thing you either have it or not and I definitely belong in the latter category 😉

    • Well, I’m not sure you don’t have it. It’s more like that to have pizzazz 24/7, you also need a nanny, a cook and cleaner 24/7! Then you have time to think of style…

  3. well put;-) it all rings a bell;-)

  4. I lost pizzazz somewhere between 29s and 30s….there is no return!!sad but true…

    • You cannot lose pizzazz my friend. You just don’t flaunt it like you used to because of life’s daily routine. It’s there waiting…

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