You’re the fool, April

I’m sitting in a small cafe-restaurant in central Athens digesting my vegetarian paella and thinking: This April is not fooling anyone.

It’s supposed to be the middle of Spring, but most of Northern Europe is covered in thick layers of snow (by the way, the temperature here is 19 degrees Celsius and sunny – don’t mean to rub it in or anything). Lucky are the tourists who chose Greece for their Easter holidays.

I’m in an unknown cafe in the city, which supposedly only locals know, but all the people sitting around me are foreigners (no, I’m not sitting in a cafe near the Acropolis!)

I paid all my bills yesterday (mobile phone, electricity, water), yet new ones reappeared today in my mailbox, fresh out of the freaking press.

The taxi driver I took to go to work said he wasn’t smoking, yet the seats reeked of old smoke. I started feeling nausea, opened the window and hang my head out, much like dogs do when they travel.

The obese stray dog laying flat on its stomach on Syntagma Square watching is called Babis (a name for males), but her tiny breasts clearly indicate that this is a lady.

Who do they think they’re fooling?

And just to end this on a more serious note, I think you should know that a German flea circus was hit by the recent freeze, resulting in the untimely death of 300 fleas. A moment of silence …

Here it is:


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