Damn, I’m not going to St Barts this summer…

Hotel Grace Santorini (from www.destinology.co.uk)

Hotel Grace Santorini (from http://www.destinology.co.uk)

I had everything planned out. I had my Louis Vuitton luggage next to my walk-in wardrobe (both large suitcase and hand luggage), my travel guide downloaded in my iPhone 5, my cashmere shawl carefully tucked into the LV and was about to put my designer clothes in the bag when…

Ι came across this article in the website Greek reporter (www.greekreporter.com). The article cites a Euro-barometer survey, according to which 90 pct of Greeks will not be travelling abroad this year, due to their slashed wages.

Uuh…this is, like, the least of our problems.

Greeks did not travel abroad much during the summer holidays anyway. The country is a holiday destination (cliche Santorini photo at the top). That’s one of the few things that hasn’t changed here since the start of the recession.

I understand the point the article is trying to make: Greeks can no longer afford holidays, its is far ahead of the European average which stands at 58 pct, etc, etc. But, the way it is written, one would guess that Greeks were otherwise regular globetrotters, travelling from one exotic location to another, from Switzerland to St Barts, laughing all the way to the local fusion restaurant.


Many Greeks used to travel, especially in Europe and the US, but the numbers have dropped dramatically since 2009 and many travel agencies have gone bust as a result.

Now that I know what the Euro-barometer says, I have to cancel my (private plane) tickets.

[Full article:  http://greece.greekreporter.com/2013/03/06/domestic-vacations-for-greeks-this-year/]


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