Just before the storm

Tomorrow and Thursday we’ll be working from home, as the joint general strikes of Greece’s biggest private and public sector unions are bound to bring Athens to a standstill for 48 hours. This will probably be the mother of all strikes. After all, there are no more critical bills on employment to be passed until the end of the year.

The strikes are the culmination of a series of protests and work stoppages that have been taking place since the summer, aimed against the governments omnibus bill that will bring sweeping changes to civil servant’s payroll and collective labour agreements.

I’m not going to get into the details of the draft bill, it’s too complicated and it would require loads and loads of blog pages, but the main point is that some changes are – in my humble opinion – for the better, and some are not.  

What bothers me more than anything in this dire fiscal situation that Greece is in, is the gloom with which everyone perceives their future. Noone is making any longterm plans. Noone feels safe. People are considering leaving the country (deja-vu from the 60’s). 

I wonder, after all the slogans are chanted tomorrow, all the banners waved, all the teargas thrown to protesters, all is burned, all comments by stupid politicians and unionists are made, will any of this bleakness fade?

Tomorrow I will be updating with info from the protests and other interesting stories that may occur.


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