Strike three

Friday. Today, traffic was actually slightly better, though taxis joined public transport in their strike. I think it might be because there are so many taxis in the city, roads actually empty when they’re not there.

As usual, I had a ride on a vespa back and forth and kind of avoided the misery of the horrendous traffic.

What has surprised me the past few weeks is how many tourists are presently in the city. They’re just all over the place, not just at the usual touristic places. It’s very encouraging that with all the work stoppages in ports, public transport and archaeological sites of the past few months, tourists continue to arrive in high numbers.

I remember this international ad Greece ran a few years back: “Live your myth in Greece.” We had a good chuckle with it. More like “Leave your hopes of a quiet holiday in Greece.”

During the summer, striking seamen decided it would be a brilliant idea to block the port exits where cruise ships dock at Piraeus, the city’s biggest port. Hundreds of tourists were trapped behind locked doors for hours wondering what the hell was going on and when they would be allowed to leave the port. I bet their “myth” was trashed.


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