New fire

I haven’t written in my blog for two years. I didn’t really feel like writing anything and then, after some time went by, I actually forgot I had one. In the past few days I’ve been trying to sort out my web mess that included four different e-mail accounts, forgotten passwords, pieces of paper with internet-related to-do tasks scribbled down, websites I wanted to unsubscribe from. That led me to the discovery of my long-forgotten blog – and password. To make a long story short, I discovered my hacienda, changed some settings and decided to bring it back to life.

The thing  I wanted to write about today is Arcade Fires’ new album, the Suburbs. Whoa. I haven’t heard anything so good in ages. I usually tend to download just a few songs from each album, but this time I just bought the whole thing. The last time I did that, was, if I’m not mistaken, with Blonde Redheads’ album 23. 

I listened through the entire album marvelling both at the lyrics, as well as the melody: Empty room, Deep Blue, Suburban war, Sprawl II. Love them all. I wish they did a concert in Athens…


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