On ADSL and bureaucratic employers

Just in case you were wondering, my new adsl connection is working fine. I’m downloading songs, emailing pics and opening 10 windows at the same time without breaking a sweat. I knew I was living in the technological stone age before but still, when you actually join the modern world, it’s hard to process it at first.

Then, bureaucracy struck again. I went to the offices of a magazine I work for as a freelancer to sort out my payment and after a short, boring conversation with the personnel executive, she solemnly explained to me that they cannot transfer my payment into my bank account because I’m registered in the “wrong bank“. Come again? “Well, they only transfer money to XXX bank and not my own.” Why? Because “all of our employees are paid like this.” But I’m not your employee, I’m a freelancer. I might be here today and gone tomorrow. “Well, that’s how it works here.” (…).

Remember – this is a private corporation, not the bureaucratic public sector. Still, they are too lazy to open a new file and register a freelancer and a bank account. So now I have to waste time queuing for a new bank account in the bank of their choice – which is known for its crappy and slow service – then send her my bank details and wait for my payment. All this just for a couple of articles a month. Needless to say, if I didn’t need the job I wouldn’t even bother.


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