How do you write about your own town?

At the moment I’m busy trying to create an English city guide for my hometown – Athens – and it’s trickier than I thought. I started with the usual questions: What does a foreigner want to know? What can I write that has not been written before? What’s unique about the place? This last question is the basic theme of my guide and it’s the one I keep repeating to myself in order to stay focused.

It’s not easy making a guide for a city as touristic as Athens. There are so many good ones out there (Lonely Planet’s latest 2007 edition is by far the best) and I’m desperately trying to be original. Obviously you cannot avoid mentioning classic stuff like the Acropolis. So in the last few weeks I finally completed the list of what I want to include and it basically reads to me as a “things-to-do-in-Athens-if-you-do-not-want-to-waste-your-time list”.  Now I have to write everything down, slowly.


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